What is Vitality?
Imagine: It’s the dawn of civilization, survival is fierce, resources are plentiful, and empires are nothing but begrimed huts stricken by impoverishment. The world is your sandbox and you can either choose to rise to the top or die with the weak. Vitality is a game in which you’re placed in a fictional universe at the brink of civilization, faced with having to take leadership and advance your people through the tests of time. Grow your empire of dirt shacks and deficient technology to prosperity and great advancement. No longer limit yourself to the axe over your shoulder or the ground beneath your feet; but instead, utilize the world’s most powerful resource.. People!
Vitality isn’t just your run-of-the-mill sandbox game. We’re taking a basic concept and exploring the new and interesting potentials found within. We’re creating an environment in which the player can really feel connected with the world – able to experience change as it happens. Follow your friends into an advancing world; unlock new mechanics as you play. You thought you were just out here to survive? That’s what life is all about, right? No one really takes the time to capture the true magic of what it means to live. Your world isn’t simply a matter of dirt and stone, but a sandbox: an evolution filled with dynamic traits, a thriving economy, and the wrath of prosperity and failure!
We aim to create a game in which the player feels connected with the world – where with each time you play, you come across new events, new personalities, and new ways of playing. The sandbox-esque elements are merely the execution; they’re building blocks which allow us to build Vitality into the full and deep RPG we want it to be!

Kickstarter Campaign
Vitality had a successful Kickstarter campaign prior to creation of this website! Links to the Kickstarter page, if you would like to find more information about the game or simply see how progress has moved along over the weeks, can be found here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/929134926/vitality-the-ultimate-randomly-generated-rpg

The Team
Jared K. - Programmer and Game Designer
Jared is the man who originally brought this all together. Applying his knowledge and experience, he started the project with the vision of making something never fully made before! Starting his roots as the creator of Bloxed, and many other projects, he moved forward and helped bring MantaGames to life!
Michael PW. - Programmer and Game Designer
Michael teamed up with Jared and co-founded MantaGames. He helps make things happen, assisting where needed with whatever there is to do; sharing the programming and design load with Jared. Having great experience with both 2D and 3D development, Michael helped build Vitality into what it is thus far.
Rusty B. - Lead Artist, Animator and Game Designer
Rusty joined the team a few months after the Vitality was started. Needing a graphical overhaul, Rusty supplied just what Vitality needed and ensured that the game matched the standard our team was aiming for. Rusty helped bring the graphical quality of the game to life, delivering his own interesting style to the table, which gave Vitality a personality it had previously lacked.
Nicolas L. - Lead Composer
Nicolas teamed up with the project during the Kickstarter campaign. After hearing his genius soundtrack for his latest title, Malevolence - Sword of Ahkranox, we are all really excited to see what he can bring to the table!
Roland La Goy. - Lead Sound Design Artist
Roland joined to the team armed with the task of managing the sound design for Vitality. Roland has been creating the sound-effects and ambient environmental loops for the game. He has previously worked on the successful Hero Siege by Panic Arts Studio. His personal portfolio can be found on Soundcloud.
Additional Help and credits
Daniel Jones - Dynamic Websystems Programming
Jussi Huhtala - Vitality Alpha Trailer music. (Soundcloud Page)
David 'Davve' Norgren - Use of GUI textbox engine. (http://www.stuffbydavid.com/)
Jason Heller - Minor code, art and design additions.
Secession Studios - Kickstarter and update video background music (Secession Studios)

Vitality is still in development, the game has just reached the Alpha stage meaning there is still alot of work to be done, and many many more features to come over the following months! We are excited to be able to show off what we have so far, and hope that releasing the Alpha will help build interest for the game.

The origins of Vitality stem back to Jared’s original 2D sandbox game, "Bloxed". Bloxed was originally released in early 2011; however, it did not have the backing or resources to be made into a full-fledged game.
We have been working on Vitality since the late quarter of 2012, with design concepts reaching back to early 2012.
The game has changed vastly in style and intention since then, adapting the game’s course to suite a more unique experience for the players.
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