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This is a collection of frequently asked questions and their answers. If the question you want to ask isn't in this list, please go to our Forums or send us an Email.
Q: Why is Vitality Alpha $14.99?
The Vitality Alpha cost reflects the original price of the alpha on Kickstarter. Whilst it is un-common to release earlier versions of a game at a higher price, the purpose of the Alpha is not to try and gain a wide range of players, but to give those who are most interested an opportunity to play the game early. The higher cost also supports development, the more funding we have, the more features we can add to the game.

As an additional note, The Vitality Beta release will be available for $9.99. Anyone who has purchased Alpha is guaranteed to get the Beta version and full release of the game, including any Vitality update which may come out in the future.
Q: What's the point of Donating?
We want to make Vitality the best game it can be. Currently it is being developed solely in our free time, thus we are not able to put in nearly as much time as we want into the project. Donations provide us with additional funds which allow us to not only spend more time working on the game, but also help us get extra resources, music, sound and graphics along with any additional programming that may happen. We also feel that having this alpha allows us to build a stronger community, giving the people a chance to play the game in such an early state will help shape Vitality into a game that you love.
Q: Where can I download Vitality Alpha?
If you have donated towards Vitality, then you should have received an Alpha keycode by email. You can then Redeem this key by registering an account on this website and logging in. Once you have redeemed your alpha key, A download link will be available on your profile and on the side panel of this site. If you have not received your key, please contact us at
Q: I have donated towards the project, Where is my Alpha Key?
If you have backed the kickstarter (on a tier which is elegible for alpha), or donated $14.99 via paypal, Then you should have received your alpha key on either your Kickstarter or paypal email address. If you have not received this key, please contact: with a paypal reference, or your kickstarter account name and we can re-send the key.

Please note: We need to manually verify each Alpha donation. This is because our site is small, and thus we cannot create a real-time system at this time. This means that there may be a delay of up to 8 hours on Alpha donations going through. It may also take up to a minimum of 30 minutes. We are sorry for any inconvinience. We hope to upgrade our system in the future!

If you have not received your key within 24 hours of your purchase, please contact us. Make sure to also check your junk email box for the alpha key email.
Q: How long will the Vitality Alpha Last?
The Vitality Alpha will last from the 19th April 2014 until we decide to move the game into the beta phase. We expect this move will happen sometime during July 2014. Updates will be released on a consistent basis during Alpha, however there will be an update pause in the weeks leading up to Beta as we begin to roll in our bigger changes.
Q: Will Vitality Have Multiplayer?
Vitality will feature a Co-op multiplayer. As we want the game to be an RPG, with progression, we are building Multiplayer in a way which supports co-op. Specific quests and gameplay mechanics can therefore be designed around co-op. What this means is that the game is setup in such a way that it is recommended that multiplayer be played with 2 to 4 players. (Rather than large servers). This is because we wanted to create an experience out of multiplayer, and we believe this is the best way.

Vitality Alpha will not have multiplayer straight away. This is because it is too unstable at the moment for a public release. If it is something that people really want, then we will put more of our attention towards it, rather than other features.
Q: What is Vitality Developed in?
We have created Vitality using GameMaker 8.1 along with a number of C++ libaries to facilitate additional functionality. The Vitality engine also runs using GameMaker Studio, and we are planning on porting the project in the near future. GMS currently gives the project an impressive performance boost, however it is less convinient for us to develop using it at this time.

Update: Vitality has been ported to GameMaker Studio to take advantage of the massive boosts in performance, and the future potential for cross-platform releases. (Currently Vitality is only available on Windows.)
Q: Can I join MantaGames?
If you are interested in working with us, please send us an email (Information on contact page.). We are currently not looking for any additional programmers. We will also only consider people who send a portfolio / resume with their application. We are not currently looking for any additional testers, a List of available positions can be found on our Jobs page. Please note that as we work part-time, we do not offer any permanent jobs. Any job will be dealt with on a per-task basis.
Q: When did Vitality's development begin?
The current Vitality prototype has been in development since April 2012. Design and idea storming began in early 2012. Vitality was a single-man project up until February 2013 when Michael Joined development. From this point, Vitality started to move towards being a simple project to becomming a Commercial product.
Q: Is there a demo of the game I can try?
Currently there is no demo for the Alpha / Beta. This is because the Alpha and Beta are not aimed to be products, they allow us to share the game earlier than we would have previously done as-well as gain additional support for development. If you are unsure as to whether you want to donate towards Vitality, then wait until the full game is out. When the full game is released, a playable demo will be available.
Q: What are the Vitality System requirements?
Vitality is currently only available on Windows platforms.

Windows 7/8/8.1 64-bit
Graphics Card with 512MB Memory
Intel core i5 2.0GHz or better
1GB HDD STORAGE SPACE (For save files)

Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 32-bit
Intel HD 3000 Integrated Graphics (or better)
Intel core i3 1.6GHz or better
512MB HDD STORAGE SPACE (For save files)
Q: Is Vitality a Minecraft/Terraria clone?
Vitality is inspired by Minecraft / Terraria. We wanted to share the same core concepts as those games, but build on the areas they lacked in. Minecraft and Terraria are fantastic games, and we want to take Vitality down it's own unique path. We are focusing on this idea of the world, evolution and progression; Increasing the NPC interaction and building the game into more of an RPG with dynamic world events. The sandbox/ building mechanics are merely the base upon which we can execute our game. Let's face it, block-based worlds are a fantastic way to create random generation, the building mechanic is just a bonus on-top of that!

If you have been living under a rock and have no idea what Minecraft/Terraria are, check them out:

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