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By Registering an account on you hereby accept and acknowledge all contents of this page and must comply with our rules and regulations. Failure to do so will result in account termination and banning from our service. This will happen regardless of whether you own any of our products as this is part of the user agreement.
Data Protection
Here at MantaGames, it is in our best interest to protect your personal data whether it be email or ip address from other users. No information will be distributed unless you have breached our terms of service. Please note that we do not store raw password data on our servers.
Cookie Policy
It is our job to let you know that we make use of Cookies to improve your online experience. Cookies allow you to remain logged in, even if you have closed your web browser. The cookies contain your username and a unique identifier, this data is used to then log you in automatically to our service. This cookie is stored on your computer, you can configure cookie permissions in your web browser if you do not wish for our site to store cookies on your computer.

Terms of Service
Please read the following EULA(End User License Agreement) carefully and ensure that you do not break them. failiure to follow our Terms of service can result in the immediate and un-announced termination of your account aswell as a permanent ban from our service.
Hacking, Decompilation and illegal re-distribution of MantaGames Products
We have a very strong policy AGAINST decompilation or hacking. Any user seen to have access to raw resource data and/or caught distributing game files without clear concent of MantaGames will be banned from our services and if necessary legal action will be taken. Hacking in our online multiplayer games is strictly forbidden as it impacts on the experience of other users and ruins games for people. Likewise, hacking will result in an immediate ban regardless of reasons behind it.
Multiple Accounts / Spam
Whilst we do allow for users to have different accoutns from the same IP, this is purely to allow those with other family members to all have access to a game. If a member is caught to have more than one account and is actively using said account for the purpose of spamming/misleading/impersonating other members, then this is forbidden. Any user caught spamming non-relevant material and not abiding to set forum rules will be banned from posting on the forums.
Forum Conduct
As this community serves users from all ages and ethnicities, please respect other users, this includes keeping swearing at a minimum and strictly no ethnic/racial disrespect. Users who frequently re-offend will be temporarily suspended from the forums. Any user who continues to mis-conduct after a suspension will receive a permanent ban from the Forums and other MantaGames Services.
Game Updates
While we love to keep our members happy, we must stress that a user is not guaranteed every update for a game after its initial release. This mostly applies to content updates rather than bug fixes or patches. A user who purchases a MantaGames Game after the full release version (1.0.0) is not guaranteed all future updates, Based on the nature of release, Purchaseable DLC may be available to extend a product however this is not released as part of the original product. We guarantee that the user will have access to all updates upto and including Version 1.0.0 of any game. So don't worry, if you have purchased one of our games in Alpha or Beta stage, you will definately have access to all updates up until the full release version V1.0.0.

Note: In the case of Vitality Alpha. Any user who purchases Vitality Alpha before the release of Beta will be entitled to all future updates of the game, including expansion/downloadable content.
Refund Policy
If you require a refund on a Vitality purchase or donation and have a legitimate reason for needing this refund, We can only offer a full refund on any purchase/donation if the request for the refund is made within 14 days of the transaction. With regard to Vitality Alpha, We cannot offer refunds due to dis-satisfaction with the product as we have made it clear to our fullest ability that the game is still in development and is not a complete game. Any donation towards alpha is greatly appreciate and we can only offer a full refund on any donation if you have a genuine reason for requiring this refund. If you need to request a refund, please Contact Us.

Youtube Monetization and other Media
Any user who has legitimately purchased or aquired a MantaGames game has full rights to upload media from the game to video sharing sites such as youtube. Screenshots can also be freely shared. The only time we do not allow media sharing is when a video with our name on it is used for a malicious scheme or illegal activity such as piracy or other forms of illegal distribution and sharing. Any user found to be illegally distributing MantaGames Games under their own name will be banned from mantagames service and legal action will be taken.
Youtube Monetization License
MantaGames hereby grants permission to any user who has legitimately purchased a MantaGames product to showcase its content via Video on The video must comply with MantaGames Terms and Conditions including the End user license agreement which can be found at: OR

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