Ich Wasser Mish | 4th August 2016
We have now got water working correctly in game! Here is a short demonstration of the progress with the system so far!
Welcome to the official Vitality website! Here we will be keeping you up to date and providing additional information regarding the current development status of the game. The Vitality alpha release is now available! You can now join the alpha for a donation of $14.99! ( Read More ). We hope that the new website provides a stable basis that both ourselves and the community can use!
Vitality is a new addition to the survival-sandbox genre, with an extreme focus on immersion and player experience. We have set-out to create a vibrant world, filled with creatures and NPCs; and a progression system allowing the player to advance both technologically and socially through the great ages of civilisation. Survival is no longer just a story of a man in the wilderness, but a history of leadership and triump. No longer are you limited to the axe over your shoulder, or the ground beneath your feet, but instead, utilize the world's most powerful resource.. People!
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Vitality Alpha Trailer
Vitality Alpha will run indefinitely until the game reaches a Beta state. Any user who donates now will also receive access to Beta along with the full game and any future updates! We are really excited to finally release a public build! Check out the game's trailer below:
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